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Pride Goes Before The Fall

Pastor Tom   August 18, 2013


Sunday Messages Audio

                        Pastor Tom          


Why I am not an athiest

Ravi Zaccharias  


Falling Out or Climbing In

Pastor Tom 


Pray Without Ceasing ... And I Aint Lion

Pastor Tom   September 01, 2013


Beastly Dreams

Pastor Tom   September 08, 2013


Visions Of The End

Pastor Tom   September 15, 2013


Prayer That Moves Heaven ....

Pastor Tom   September 29, 2013


Sorry NO AUDIO for October 13

Poor Audio Quality


The Lord's Prayer

Pastor Rosaire   October 20, 2013


Ministry - Jesus Style and

discussion withPeter Vanacore

(mentoring the youth in our church)

Pastor Tom  October 27, 2013


The End Times...!

Pastor Tom   November 03, 2013


Family Matters

Elder Charlie Kunkle   November 10, 2013


Recorded Revelation

Pastor Tom   November 17, 2013

Recorded Revelation (sorry no audio this week)

Pastor Tom   November 24, 2013

Worship Fully...!

Pastor Tom   December 01, 2013

Advent Conspracy..! Spend Less!

Pastor Tom   December 08, 2013

Puff Of Smoke

Elder Sandy Johnson   December 29, 2013

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