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      Pastor Tom  


Why I am not an athiest

Ravi Zaccharias  




Christian Cursing!

Pastor Tom September 14, 2014


If You Want To Build A Better House - Make Bricks

Pastor Tom September 21, 2014

What Great Lengths!

Elder Dusty Tabor October 05, 2014

If you want an audio copy of the sermon given by Pastor Tom on September 28, 2014 --- contact Jim

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Pastor Tom October 19, 2014

Something Old, Something New

Pastor Tom October 12, 2014

Staff Changes

Pastor Tom October 26, 2014

Joining God In His Work

Pastor Tom November 02, 2014

PLAN B - Belong

Pastor Tom November 09, 2014

Praising Him In The Storm

Pastor Tom November 16, 2014

Another Town, Same Gospel

Pastor Tom November 23, 2014

Maybe Christmas Is About Lights

Pastor Tom November 30, 2014

Maybe Christmas Is About Christmas Spirit

Pastor Tom December 07, 2014

This Week's Message

God Sends Encouragement

Pastor Tom January 18, 2015

Begining At The End

Pastor Tom January 04, 2015

Maybe It’s About The Gifts?

Pastor Tom December 21, 2014

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