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Christ Community Alliance Church has existed in Orange, Vermont, since the early 1800s under various names, most recently the Orange Alliance Church. In 2013 The Barre Christian Alliance Church and Orange Alliance Church joined forces to become Christ Community Alliance Church, utilizing the Orange site.  In 2022, the East Barre Christian Church joined the Christian and Missionary Alliance by merging with Christ Community.  We are now one church with multiple sites – Orange and East Barre.


Living the call together.
At Christ Community Church we believe the Christian life is more than just something you learn about or believe in, it is a call to be lived out in community.

Called to love God more.
We are called first of all to Love God. Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love God with our all heart, soul, mind, and strength. So in all we do and particularly in our worship we seek to cultivate a closer walk with Him and a deeper sense of his presence.

Called to love people more.
Jesus said the second greatest command was to love one's neighbor as one's self. We recognize that love for our Church family flows out of our love for God and participation in this family deepens our walk.

Called to love more people.
Our love is to go beyond our church family to the whole world. Therefore we seek to have a positive impact both locally and globally


                   OUR  PASTOR

A decade ago, Brad Forlow was using his doctorate in chemical engineering while working for pharmaceutical companies doing drug and clinical research. Then the Lord called him to full-time ministry. A calling that has led Brad between Orlando, Vancouver British Columbia, and now here to New England.

In April of 2019, Brad was welcomed as the new senior pastor at Christ Community Alliance Church in Orange, Vermont. Brad started his service on Good Friday, kicking off the Easter celebration with his new leadership for this growing congregation.

Before coming to Vermont, Brad and his family – wife Rhonda and children Lauren, Rachel and Ian – had lived in the Pacific Northwest, serving as the Church Planter and Lead Pastor of River Community Church in Richmond, BC, near Vancouver and the Canadian/US border. “The culture and spiritual climate of New England is very similar to the area where we lived in Canada,” Brad explains. Coming to Christ Community Alliance, “was a great ministry match to my passions, experiences and gifts.”

Between Canada and Vermont, the family spent a little less than a year in Orlando preparing and waiting for the transition. “It was a little longer than expected, but it was a blessing for my family in many ways.” It also probably brought home some old memories for Brad, who had his first job at DisneyWorld and spent a number of years working at Sea World as well.

While New England feels much like the northwest, there are some differences. He is surprised by “how everyone seems to know everyone else in the area”.

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