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Why Discipleship? 

We believe that the Bible teaches that every Christian is called to a lifelong journey of discipleship.  Jesus called his followers to BE disciples, and to MAKE disciples.  Discipleship is intentionally equipping believers with the Word of God through accountable relationships, and through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, in order to reproduce faithful followers of Christ.  In other words, we want to be a church of disciples who make disciples.

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Missional Marks

Teaching, training, and equipping surrendered and committed followers of Jesus who:


KNOW and obey God’s Word

  • Passionately pursue the heart of God in intimate relationship with Jesus

  • Submit to Jesus as Lord

  • Have a renewed mind shaped by the sound doctrine of God’s Word


are GROWing to be more like Jesus in character and lifestyle

  • Live a Spirit-controlled and empowered life

  • Are being transformed toward Christlikeness through the work of the Holy Spirit 

  • Live godly, holy lives, exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit


SERVE the body of Christ and the mission of Christ

  • Love and serve the body of Christ and others in the community using his/her spiritual gifts

  • Are sacrificial servants willingly giving of his/her time and resources to bless others and meet practical needs


GO as missionaries in everyday life to make disciples of Jesus

  • Demonstrate and proclaim the gospel among his/her spheres of influence

  • Immerse and invest in others’ lives with gospel intentionality

  • Intentionally invite others into biblical community 



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