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Life Transformation Groups (LTG)

What is an LTG?

Spiritual growth happens most effectively in smaller groups of people. An LTG is a group of 2-4 men or women. The groups are designed to be highly relational, investing in each other’s lives through life-on-life holistic discipleship, prayer, and accountability. The purpose of the groups is to study Scripture for life transformation and to be equipped to be a disciple-maker. The goal is multiplication - that you are equipped to disciple someone else who then is equipped to disciple someone else.

When do LTGs meet?

These groups are very “organic” and flexible - you set the days and times when you meet; however, it is important to be committed to meet consistently.

What do we study in an LTG?

A good starting point is the Discipleship Journey Primary Pathway.


This primary pathway is the main journey for both new and mature believers at CCAC.  It provides a common ground and covers many of the basic elements of the Christian life that teaches, trains, and equips around our discipleship paradigm: Know. Grow. Serve. Go. Mature Christians will continue to learn while encouraging those newer to the faith. These newer believers should then be able to lead others along the same path, participating in Christ’s Great Commission. This best happens when the content, material, and process is a common pathway and is reproducible.

What happens when we are done the primary pathway?

The final arrow of the pathway is “Your Journey Continues.” Remember, the goal is to become a disciple who makes disciples who make disciples (a disciple-making movement). 


Pray about who you can invest in and lead through the Discipleship Journey Primary Pathway to teach, train, and equip to become a disciple who then disciples others.


Your group can also continue to meet (even if you are starting other groups and investing in other’s lives) for ongoing spiritual formation, growing towards spiritual maturity, and life renewal, seeking healing, hope, and wholeness in Christ. Your group can decide on other material to study/discuss.    RECOMMENDED RESOURCES

How do I get involved in an LTG?

If you are interested in leading a Life Transformation Group or if you are interested in being part of a group led by someone else, email Bill Reed at

Spiritual Formation and Renewal Studies

To supplement spiritual formation and life renewal that occurs through Life Transformation Groups, we will also have Spiritual Formation and Life Renewal Studies. 

These are studies that will meet at defined times and for a defined length of time (for example a 8-week study that is held every Monday at 6:00 pm from June 3 - July 22). 

These studies are open to anyone interested; although, some studies may have size limitations. If you are interested in leading a study, email Bill Reed at

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